John Boehner Book Review: Throwing His Book at Them

There are some gem quotes in this.

By PJ O’Rourke, American Consequences

This is not a book review…

This is especially not a book review of a memoir by a politician. Because they always write them, and we never read them. We just read the reviews.

Oh, sometimes we buy the memoir and leave it around the house to show that we have $29.99 worth of admiration for the thoughts and deeds of the politician in question.

But we don’t actually read the thing. I mean, who has ever gotten past page 10 of What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton except book reviewers? Unless they’re fibbing, too.

We like a politician or we don’t. But we leave the drudgery of reading politician prose to book reviewers. We let them explain to us why we should have followed Hillary down the yellow brick road to Oz in 2016… Or why she was the wicked witch that Dorothy’s house fell on.

And that’s that. Unless we’re true inside-the-beltway types, in which case we give the book a “DC read” by consulting the index to see if our name is mentioned, and when we find out that it isn’t we move the book from the coffee table to a shelf in the rumpus room.

Therefore I am not going to review…


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