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Transforming the Military to Transform the Country

By Douglas McGregor, The American Conservative

If the U.S. Armed Forces are compelled to internalize the Biden administration’s ideology, they will cease to be a national military establishment.

The Biden administration took Americans on the right by surprise. In the opening weeks of the new administration, very few expected to see the sudden, massive influx of illegal migrants and drugs through open and unsecured borders, the deliberate suspension of the rule of law in the nation’s largest cities, the demonization of the police, and the official tolerance for racially motivated violence.

Americans on the right are no longer surprised. In the minds of conservative Americans there is now real evidence for a political regime in Washington that defines itself in opposition to just about everything the United States stands for.

The White House should feel reassured, however, since very few Americans have challenged the Biden administration’s monopoly of control over the machinery of government in any meaningful way. But doubts clearly linger. The National Guard presence and the barriers of concrete, steel and barbed wire that surround the Capitol building are still a metaphor for an administration that lives in a psychological state of siege, anger, and unease.


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