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‘OF COURSE Israel Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians!’ – Israeli Anthropologist Corrects Debra Messing

Jewish Israeli Anthropologist Jeffrey Halper states a fact that is so undeniable, it’s hard to believe that Israel apologists (including Deborah Messing) are denying it: “Israel was founded through ethnic cleansing.” Even Right Wing Israeli Zionists admit that. They just defend it! Yet somehow it’s acceptable for people like Debra Messing to tweet out infographics stating that Palestinians weren’t ethnically cleansed. To be fair, it doesn’t take a lot of effort when right wing zionist outfits like “Stand With Us,” and their literal paid guns like Hen Mazzig (…) spoon feed it to to them. Plus, Jeff goes over how Zionism put Jews at risk historically and today, ruined important rich cultural traditions, and engaged in acts of violence not just against Palestinians, but Jews. And he touches on the Right Wing Jeff Halper is an Israeli anthropologist, Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) in Jerusalem and a founding member of the One Democratic State Campaign. Jeff served as the head of Friends World College, an international college program, and has taught at universities in Israel and around the world. In addition to his many academic and political writings, he is the author of An Israeli in Palestine(London: Pluto Press, 2008) on his work against the Occupation, Obstacles to Peace (ICAHD’s manual for activism in Palestine/Israel), and War Against the People: Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification (Pluto, 2015), which was shortlisted for the Palestine Book Award. His latest book is Decolonizing Israel, Liberating Palestine: Zionism, Settler Colonialism and the Case for One Democratic State (London: Pluto, 2021). Jeff participated in the first (and successful) attempt of the Free Gaza Movement to break the Israeli siege by sailing into Gaza. He was nominated by the American Friends Service Committee for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, together wit

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