Race and Ethnicity

A Debate on #Critical Race Theory | Anti-CRT vs. Pro-CRT | A Panel Discussion

Panelists (left to right): Box 1 – Erec (anti) Box 2 – Brittany King ( host) Box 3 – Alma (anti) Box 4 – Sam (pro) Box 5 – Chris (anti) Box 6 – Nicole (pro) Box 7 – Dr. Kasey (pro) Box 8 – Desi-Rae (anti) I’m very excited for this episode, especially with this dynamic group—who are willing to dialogue openly about some controversial topics—more specifically—on Critical Race Theory. Disclaimer: The point of this discussion is not for either position to “win.” It’s to present a clear picture of why each side is passionate about their stance. My hope is to exemplify why candid, uncomfortable, and perhaps, tense dialogue with the “opposing side”—is the most important step to an authentic start to better race relations for this country. *The original goal was to have 8 panelists. Last minute, we ended up with 7 panelists. The uneven groups were not intentional.*

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