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When No Landlord Will Rent to You, Where Do You Go?

, New York Times

Suzy Niffenegger slept outside in Las Vegas for the first time in late August 2019. She put what belongings she still had — including her collection of what she refers to as her “ ’80s big-hair wigs” — into storage and filled a backpack with dog treats, toys and blankets for her 22-pound terrier, Brownie. She barely slept, bunking on top of picnic tables, where she folded up her blankets into a cocoon. Brownie would lie next to her, but the dog didn’t sleep much either. “If I dozed off, and someone walked within say 15 feet of me, she alerted me,” Niffenegger told me recently. “That dog was a trooper. I mean, she saved my life so many times.”


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