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OSHA Suspends Reporting Of Vaccine Side-Effects

By Peter R Quinones

Can we finally stop with the accusations that anyone who questions the motives of those ACTIVELY propagandizing the public to take one of the CV19 “vaccines” is being paranoid? Especially when you take into consideration that in 1986 the government gave vaccine manufacturers total immunity from being sued when children suffer injury at the hands of their products. Also, please remember that the CV19 jabs are novel, “Emergency Authorized Use” only “vaccines.” But you’re not allowed to talk about these facts lest you be accused of wanting people to die in large numbers.

Currently, OSHA’s own site is telling employers and employees that they will not be required to keep records of incidents that involve employees reporting adverse reactions from receiving the “jab” from now through May 2022. This is a recent reversal of their policy and should make one ask the most obvious question, why the sudden change? Please note that a “slip and fall” or any like injury is still to be recorded per OSHA guidelines. However, any adverse reaction to a possibly mandated “shot” is not to be? Why would OSHA not want adverse reactions recorded?


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