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What Did the Lockdowns Actually Accomplish?

Apparently, nothing.

By Kim Iversen

Now that the pandemic is waning in the US, let’s take a look at how the states did. Look at this list sorted by deaths per capita. There really is no rhyme or reason as to why some did better than others. Lockdown, no lockdown, mask mandates no masks, schools closed or open, bars open or not, Democrat, Republican, Trumper or not, the outcomes don’t seem to be reflective of government interventions. Even within the individual states we had areas with fewer restrictions and others with more, the outcome wasn’t any different.
The various pandemic responses weren’t based on science but morality. People took up a position based on their own morals or political views and fought with one another over it. We simply transferred the Trump vs Anti-Trump energy over the past few years to the pandemic. My worry is what will society transfer all this anger and hate towards next? The division isn’t getting any better so I think it’s inevitable there will be another “civil war” over some other new morality issue.

May be an image of text that says ' USA State Total Cases 1T 1T New Cases New Jersey Total Deaths 2 1,013,409 New York 26,07 2,142,992 Massachusetts 53,37 704,345 Rhode Island 17,81 151,258 Mississippi 2,70 316,272 Arizona 7,27 875,766 Connecticut 17,53 8 346,325 Louisiana 8,21 467,815 South Dakota 10 10,52 123,911 Alabama 11 2,00 541,673 Pennsylvania 12 11,08 1,198,107 Indiana 13 27,13 739,626 Michigan +665 13,55 14 985,229 North Dakota 15 20,05 109,577 New Mexico +68 16 1,50 201,868 Illinois 17 4,13 1,373,457 Georgia 18 24,93 1,119,012 Arkansas 19 20,63 339,863 lowa 5,81 400,586 6,03'

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