If Donald Trump faces criminal charges, analysts doubt it will hurt him with his base in 2024

It will probably only make him more popular.

By David Jackson, USA Today

WASHINGTON – When Republicans talk about whether Donald Trump will run for president again in 2024, many hasten to add it may depend on a big unknown: his legal troubles.

Could an indicted ex-president still lead a political party?

No one knows, but some Republicans are increasingly discussing the possibility.

Criminal charges would, at the very least, create political problems for Trump, but allies and analysts said they would not necessarily prevent him from campaigning for Republicans in 2022 congressional races and even pursuing another presidential campaign in 2024.

“None of this matters,” pollster Frank Luntz said. “It doesn’t matter for his decision making or for anyone who votes for him.”

He added, “It’s just so irrelevant.”


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