Economics/Class Relations

DEBATE! Ben Burgis vs. Michael Huemer on “Is Taxation Theft?”

Ben is going to hop on at 7:30 to briefly interview Brianna Westbrook from Downballot Progress and chat a bit with Producer Forrest, and then Forrest will take over the stream while Ben heads over to Modern-Day Debate to debate libertarian philosophy professor Michael Huemer on whether taxation is theft. Forrest will stick around to share the debate onto the GTAA stream, and then Ben will come back at the end to do a little post-game analysis. Independent creators rely on your support to create the content you want! Support Give Them An Argument on Patreon: Patrons get a bonus episode every Thursday, access to the Discord server, a “Sopranos” Recap Bonus Episode every month with Mike Recine, Nando Vila, and Wosny Lambre, a monthly Discord Movie Night, and “Discord Office Hours” (regularly scheduled group voice chats).

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