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Crypto Currency Skepticism or Crytpo to the Moon?

The Mindcrime libertyshow is joined by Duncan Whitmore of Mises UK who wrote an essay entitled Crypto Skepticism to discuss both his essay and crypto currency in general.  Does crypto currency ranging from the very well established Bitcoin and Ethereum to the plethora of startup alt coins and even meme coins like dogecoin have any future?  Is crypto currency merely a ponzi scheme for lunatics, a Chinese weapon against the FED as Peter Thiel has described it or is it a fascinating technology which can wrestle away the states control of the money supply?  Why is money needed anyways (why not just barter?) and can money exist without the state controlling it?  Why not go back to gold and silver?  What are the strengths and weakness of crypto currency?  We discuss all of this in this episode.    A link to Duncan Whitmore’s excellent essay.…

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