Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

The Retribution Karma Will Bring

By Kim Iversen
“Israel has been targeting the press in Gaza in an attempt to cover up their obvious war crimes. They just blew up the building housing the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. They gave the press an hour to evacuate. Yesterday they blew up a building housing over a dozen press outlets both foreign and domestic. Last I checked the Associated Press isn’t Hamas. Neither were the nearly 40 children they have killed this week. This is about terror. And it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Israel is the real terrorist.
Israel is losing favor with the public both on the left and right. We can now SEE with social media what they are doing and have been doing for over 100 years to the Palestinian people. There is no unseeing it. They have terrorized the Palestinian people forcing them from their homes for over 100 years in their quest to build a nation for Jews. Great Britain originally tried to give them an uninhabited parcel of land in Uganda to avoid upsetting the Palestinians but the early Zionist movement rejected it. They instead wanted land already lived on and have continued to commit crime after crime to gain more and more of it. When the Palestinians fight back and defend their homes and religious sites, they are labeled terrorists.
Joe Biden as well as numerous other politicians and right-wing pundits have taken millions from the Pro-Israel lobby. They are required to continue pushing an obvious lie the rest of us can see with our own eyes. We have spent billions of dollars helping Israel and billions more fighting endless wars in the Middle East on their behalf. They need a weak Middle East because they have always been and continue to be unwelcome colonizers.
One day, sooner than later, the US will no longer be the dominant world power. When that day comes, both the US and Israel should fear the retribution karma will bring. The world will unleash on us for the numerous war crimes committed over the centuries. We need to protect our future generations from paying the price for the crimes of their ancestors by voicing our dismay at politicians and pundits who support this grave atrocity.”

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