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Biden’s Call For Ceasefire IGNORED By Hamas-Israel

“Go back to sleep, Joe” said Bibi.

Israel will only change its ways if it experiences intense pressure from the USA (“No change, zero aid”), and that will only happen if there is intense domestic and global pressure on the USA. We need a BDS on steroids, crystal meth, and crack. The ultimate solution would probably be something like Qaddafi’s “Isratin” plan, a unitary Israel/Palestine with a confessional/consociational system of government like Lebanon’s. Additionally, there would have to be ongoing international pressure on Israel not to try to slip back into their old ways, probably through ongoing US bribes, maybe making them members of the GCC or even the EU or NATO (as much as I dislike those institutions) but only on the condition they meet certain standards.

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to the Biden administration’s response to the ongoing Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

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