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What’s Happening in Palestine?

May be an image of standing, fire, outdoors and text that says 'GAZA CITY BEIT LAHIA, GAZA SDEROT, SDEROT,ISRAEL ISRAEL LEBANON-ISRAEL BORDER'

Update on the evening of Day 4 of #Gaza escalation:—
950 injured and 126 killed (including 31 children and 20 women) since Israel’s ‘Operation Guardian of the Walls’ started in Gaza
Israel intensifies attacks, — ‘worse than 2014 war’ —, continuing aerial bombardment using ‘insane force,’ flattening buildings.
Hamas head Mashal tells Turkish TV his group ‘won’t back down’
Israel clarified Friday that its false announcement last night saying it had ‘ground’ troops ‘in Gaza’ was deliberate and designed to confuse and draw out Palestinian fighters to better target them.
Al Jazeera English’s Palestinian Gaza correspondent Safwat Al Kahlout says Gaza’s fighters are using new military strategies this year to avoid losing fighters, including by firing rockets remotely.
Israel said late Friday its operation the previous night had focused on destroying Gaza fighters’ subterranean infrastructure with heavy munitions.
Hamas attempts to game-change the dynamic of the Israel-Palestine conflict completely, establishing deterrence against Israeli transgressions in Jerusalem, amidst the ongoing Sheikh Jarrah ethnic cleansing evictions.
Israeli leader Netanyahu says the operation to ‘restore complete quiet’ isn’t over yet and that Gaza’s ‘senior leaders who think they can escape will pay a heavy price’. Israel wants to restore its ‘deterrence’ (against rockets being fired) by using disproportionate force in Gaza.
Pressure also continues on Israel within its so-called ‘mixed communities’, at its borders with Lebanon and Jordan, and within Jerusalem. Israeli forces killed Palestinian protesters in the Occupied West Bank Friday, too.

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