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Influential Republicans threaten to form new party

Dozens of Republicans are planning to call for reforms amid escalating divisions within their party and are threatening to form a separate group if GOP members do not break away from former President Trump. The more than 100 former Republican officials are expected to release their demands in a letter on Thursday titled “A Call For American Renewal,” according to plans shared with Reuters and later reported by NBC News

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  1. Never will I ‘pull away’ from Trump !! He got a “raw deal” from you traitors ‘n failures! It is YOU who ‘r traitors to our country – You leave the Party – Good Riddance ,,,,

  2. Liz Cheney is not only a disgrace to the Party- such as it is ? – she is a disgrace to her country! This is not a game of “me first”,,, It’s a choice between Freedom or a “March to the ovens” ,, Socialism is not a ‘choice’ for true Americans – We must recognize who is behind this scheme put together by people like Soros who once said “I live only to see the destruction of the United States”,, believe him ‘n fight or we lose the battle ‘n lose our life,,,

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