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Democracy’s invisible armor against bullies

This is one of the most comical editorials I have read in a while.

Christian Science Monitor

Biden has shored up four key allies – and their democratic ideals – against next-door aggressors.

During his early months in office, President Joe Biden has taken an unusual approach to the four countries that the United States considers to be the world’s biggest bullies: Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea. While he talked or acted tough toward each – like previous U.S. presidents – Mr. Biden also took an important affirmative step. He shored up the four countries that are aggrieved neighbors of those respective bullies: Iraq, Taiwan, Ukraine, and South Korea.

He especially sought to make sure the democratic credentials of those four remain strong, part of their critical defense against the autocratic aggressor next door.

Mr. Biden’s boldest move was to send three senior U.S. statesmen to Taiwan in mid-April. It was a signal of support to the island nation and its vibrant democracy. On May 21, he will host South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House, also a signal of support for a democracy facing a threat of foreign invasion.


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