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Today’s Left: Unwitting Stalking Horse for the Oligarchy

By CLG News Editor, Lori Price 4 May 2021

This morning, I received an unsubscribe request from a long-time reader of the CLG newsletter. They wrote:

I think you turned on the left and Democrats –Somewhere along the line, you switched sides. I once preferred your e-mails because I thought you were against the right wing. I AM AGAINST the right wing. Consider my subscription ended.

I’ve received numerous such emails and comments of late. So here’s my detailed response:

Dear —–,

Surely, you jest. Somewhere along the line, the Democrats switched sides.

Do you know what was trending on woke Twitter last night? #StandWithLiz and #StandWithLizCheney. Yes, you read that right. Liz Cheney. Her father, Dick Cheney, murdered over 100,000 Iraqis at the behest of the uniparty’s deep state. No, I haven’t forgotten. Perhaps you have. Twitter is dominated by leftists. Today’s Left is in bed with Big Pharma; the Big Tech oligarchs; the political establishment; the neocons; corporate America; and the permanent bureaucracy, including the alphabet agencies. This is your contemporary Left:


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