The Anarchist Mission in the Modern World

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It’s not a novel idea, for today large projects aimed to rebuild the world are in decline. In the twentieth century, the powerful movements mobilized millions of people to storm political Olympus and start “great construction projects”. But during the last century, they have gone bankrupt both ethically and practically, one after the other , and soon vanished entirely. Here in particular we refer to fascism and communism of the Leninist type. Even the seemingly triumphant liberal project just basically vanished into the global capitalist system and the global political game, where liberal mechanisms are hardly seen.

Among the ambitious ideologists daring to rebuild the world in accordance with their convictions, today, perhaps, only the voice of the jihadists is heard. However, Islamism is clearly not the big project which a person with an anarchist worldview would come to terms with.

Failed global plans at the end of the twentieth century gave rise to deep pessimism and paralysis of the ideas of transformation. However, the first decades of the new century clearly showed that the “end of history” did not occur. Growing instability, rebelliousness and ungovernability manifested themselves. The number of anti-government protests under a variety of slogans and flags has increased severely compared to the previous era.

At the same time, there is a desperate need for fundamental changes on the widest possible territorial scale. As before, we need a new world. Almost everything that exists in society is unacceptable and cannot serve as a framework for the present and future.


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