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Katie Halper Interviews Rose McGowan

This is a pretty interesting discussion of “life on the inside” in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

The inimitable activist, writer, filmmaker, singer and producer Rose McGowan ( joins The Katie Halper Show LIVE for what will surely be an extremely engaging and brutally honest conversation. See my previous pre-taped interviews with Rose here (…) and here (…) where she talks about online censorship, content moderation, her album Planet 9 (…), Clarence Thomas, what she thinks of Kamala Harris’ decision to have a discussion with Bill Clinton about empowering girls and women, the tweet that got her deactivated by Twitter (this time), why she thinks she’s shadow suppressed, the piece of art by Alison Jackson (​) that landed her in trouble, the disgusting treatment of Juanita Broaddrick and Tara Reade and more!


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