Economics/Class Relations

The PMC Thesis Relies Upon Forgetting Historical Materialism

My view is that the liberal-technocratic “left” (and not the socialist left) is the managerial elite within the context of a wider state-capitalist plutocracy dominated by technological, financial, and industrial oligarchs in collusion/collaboration with the national security state. This shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

This video will deliver another critique of what is calling itself the post-left, or if that’s too broad a category, then it is a critique of Michael Lind and his idea that a Managerial Elite is dominating society. But, before we get to that the video spends a lot of time explaining how the history of secularization led to Marx’s critique of political economy, and why the notion of social class or caste must be considered separately from the idea of class as it relates to capitalist production.

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