Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Alternative Security Conference: “Woke Imperialism” with Aaron Maté, Katie Halper and Rania Khalek

“Woke Imperialism / Diversity Among War Mongers” explores the fairly recently adopted language of Western foreign policy establishments post-Trump. During this session, we will discuss how the Western military, surveillance and financial establishments continue to extrapolate different formerly countercultural trends borrowed from identity politics, in order to airbrush a progressive aura onto their projects of 21st century military expansion. Speakers: Aaron Maté (Freelance Journalist for The Nation, The Grayzone and Democracy Now!), Katie Halper, American comedian, writer, filmmaker, podcaster, and political commentator. Katie is the host of the podcast “The Katie Halper Show” and co-hosts the “Useful Idiots” podcast alongside Matt Taibbi, and Rania Khalek, Lebanese American writer and political activist. She is currently a journalist at Breakthrough News, and has written for politically progressive/left wing publications, including The Nation, The Intercept, Al Jazeera, Salon, Vice, AlterNet, Mondoweiss, and Truthout. Khalek previously served as an associate editor for the website The Electronic Intifada. Moderator: Arturo Desimone, DiEM25 Task Force for the Alternative Security Conference ABOUT THE CONFERENCE The Alternative Security Conference seeks to do everything that the Munich Security Conference does not: Give an analysis of international hegemony (forwarded by multinational corporations and governments which act in their interests) spearheaded by the United States and its allies in the Western world and elsewhere and offer a different kind of hegemonic and security framework where people’s interests and not those of corporations and states are prime. The views and opinions expressed in the conference are those of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect DiEM25’s official policies or positions.

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