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Cancelling Comedians: Highlights From The Book Launch

It is interesting that an increasingly greater number of folks on the economic left are now realizing what I have been saying for over 20 years, i.e. that “political correctness” is used by the ruling class to distract attention from class (and other) issues and prevent class unity or any kind of politically unified opposition from forming. Some folks like Ben are recognizing that “wokeness” is undermining class politics and threatens left unity. The main danger that faces the political left at this point is that rank and file working to middle-class people who are under attack by “woke capitalism” will be pushed to the right by liberals and leftists who are divided between centrist liberals who are indifferent or opposed to the class interests of the working class, and cultural leftists who wish to push a hyper-woke cultural agenda on a working class that doesn’t want it. A right-wing that rhetorically reinvents itself in a populist mode (as some on the right are now trying to) will likely be able to siphon support from the left. It’s also interesting that in this discussion Ben and Ryan Lake recognize that January 6 was merely a “dumb right-wing riot” (Ben’s words) and not a fascist coup attempt as many liberals and leftists hysterically claim.

In case you missed it, Ben did an online book launch for his new book “Cancelling Comedians While The World Burns: A Critique Of The Contemporary Left” and had a long list of guests including Ana Kasparian, David Griscom, Matt Lech, Jason Myles, Daniel Bessner, Matt McManus, Cale Brooks, and show regular Ryan Lake come on to toast his new book. Ben also had Nando Vila toast the book and that’s included in this clip.

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