Be it Resolved: The Mainstream Media is Dying, and that’s OK. Matt Taibbi Debates Ben Bradlee, Jr.

By Matt Taibbi

In April, I joined in a debate with Ben Bradlee, Jr., the estimable onetime senior editor at my hometown Boston Globe and former overseer of the prestigious Spotlight team. For movie buffs who are wondering, Ben was played by John Slattery in the Best Picture-winning film.

The Munk Debates are a project of the Aurea Foundation, a Canadian charity. Their aim is “to help the world rediscover the art of civil and substantive public debate by convening the brightest thinkers of our time to weigh in on the big issues of the day.”

The issue Mr. Bradlee and I respectfully debated came in the form of a resolution:

Be it resolved: the mainstream media is dying, and that’s OK.

I was asked to argue the pro side of this debate. I could have argued either way, honestly. But there is something to the idea that the mainstream media is dying for a reason, and innovation is now badly needed, so I tried to explore that angle.

It turned out to be a lively discussion. To hear the audio, click through here:


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