Crime, prison and punishment: An anarchist view

Justice in a corrupt society
Why is it that there is no expensive tribunals set up to ‘establish the truth’ about joyriding in Darndale

Crime and community policing
The term ‘community policing’ has been much abused in recent times, most particularly in the North of Ireland where it has become shorthand for vicious punishment beatings and shootings. In this article Gregor Kerr takes a look at the issue of community policing – what it is and more importantly what it isn’t. The question of what levels of real community policing would actually be possible or allowed under capitalism is looked at, and the debate about crime, anti-social behaviour and reactions to it in an anarchist society is touched on.

The Role of the Gardai
The primary role of the police is to preserve the status quo in society. In other words, the first task of the police force, of any police force, is to ensure the rule of the State and the rich elite

Thinking about Anarchism – Crime
Whatever nice theories about crime anarchists might come up with we can be sure that any community subjected to a murder or a rape will want something done about it.

Crime and Punishment
What exactly is crime anyway, who defines it and how is it enforced.

Crime, Criminals, Punishment an anarchist view
Kropotkin came up with three types of crime. Property related crime, government related crime and crimes against the person. In Britain it has been estimated that 94% of crime is committed against property. However what isn’t recorded are those crimes committed for property.

‘Justice’ and ‘Equality’ in action
Just in case you had any illusions about the fairness or impartiality of the Irish ‘justice’ system


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