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WAPO Publishes FOUR Op-Eds Opposing Afghan Withdrawal

It appears that when it comes to Afghanistan the neocons/MIC want to maintain the occupation, the liberal internationalists want to switch from the direction occupation model to the counterinsurgency model, and the hardcore realists want to reestablish the former alliance with the mujahideen (probably to weaponize them against the Resistance Axis). The Democrats may also recognize that the occupation is a domestic political liability, while simultaneously wishing to marginalize MIC elements within the Republican Party. That’s not to say the Democrats are not pro-MIC in a wider sense. Lloyd Austin is Raytheon’s front man in the Biden administration, the role held by Mark Esper in the Trump administration.

President and founder of Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, Richard Hanania, discusses President Biden’s plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by 9/11/21.

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