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Professor rebukes social justice theory in scathing video. Despite student pressure, he refuses to resign.

By Ben Zeisloft, Campus Reform

After a University of Vermont professor criticized the notion of “whiteness,” administrators denounced his comments and students called for his resignation. The professor refuses to resign.

In a YouTube video entitled “Racism and the Secular Religion at the University of Vermont,” education professor Aaron Kindsvatter said that “whiteness falls under the umbrella… of critical social justice, and the thinking that informs it is so crude and so lacking in falsifiability.”

He also commented that because the notion of whiteness “speaks so eloquently to our tribal impulses,” the same logic “can easily find its way to desperate persons who need a group to hate and who will adopt the suppositions that inform whiteness towards their own ends.”

Kindsvatter said that he first heard of the term whiteness when “a faculty member offered to help me with it like it was some kind of disease” — an experience that he described as “dehumanizing.”


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