Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

Limitless Misrule

A pretty good critique of progressive totalitarianism from a conservative/constitutionalist perspective.

By William Voegeli, American Mind

When it comes to progressive ambitions, nothing is off the table.

Editors’ Note

The Claremont Institute’s DC Center for the American Way of Life is a new initiative for actively counteracting the Left’s ceaseless attacks on America. Founded earlier this year with Arthur Milikh at the helm, the DC center is focused on taking legal and cultural steps to fight the full onset of the woke regime. This series of articles puts into perspective what the Left is doing and intends to do to traditional American mores and customs.

Many thinkers and activists on the American Left call their philosophy progressivism, but no one uses the term changeism. The belief that change is necessary does not mean that all change is progress.

Progressives have done little to explicate which goals they want to progress to. By making a process its central idea, progressivism alerts us that we can neither hope nor expect to reach a state of affairs where progress would no longer be necessary, possible, or desirable. At the same time, it insists that moral flexibility is the defining characteristic of moral sanity. Philosopher Richard Rorty, highly influential within the American Left, wrote in 1999 that “no sharp break divides the unjust from the imprudent, the evil from the inexpedient.”

Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America helps delineate the criteria latent in progressive thinking. Tocqueville argues that the “democratic revolution” has gone from strength to strength for a millennium, making ever-greater equality the engine of modern life. The –ism of progressivism is the belief that progress in the direction of ever-greater equality has been unacceptably slow. Too many of those inequalities established in a more hierarchical, less enlightened past remain to be dismantled or at least reduced.


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