The neocons have already created a “new popular front” by recolonizing the Democrats, co-opting the left, and embedding themselves in Trumpism, while retaining the support of the Republican donor class and MIC. Their hegemony is now further reaching than it ever was. Although a big difference between now and the Bush-era is the loss of legitimacy that has taken place in the meantime.
Even Peter Zeihan, a GHWB globalist, acknowledges that the Democrats are now a coalition of business and national security conservatives, centrist technocratic liberals, and the cultural left. Michael Lind points out how the Republican base increasingly resembles that of the Le Penists, but the supply-sider/neocon alliance still runs the party at the top.
The neocons are more deeply rooted in various institutions, government, military, including ‘The Deep State,’ than previously thought. The fact that Kristol, Abrams, Boot, etc still retain respectability as ‘experts’ after the disastrous wars they played a large role in fomenting is testimony to their influential supporters behind the scenes, which is why the Deep State/MSNBC alliance emerged against Trump. The Kristol clan was working the Democratic/”liberal” angle while at the same time the Podhoretz clan was embedding itself in Trumpism.
It is all but impossible to get rid of these people through the existing political process since they are influential in both parties and masters of neutralizing or coopting any potential figure who might pose a threat, Trump, AOC, etc.
The only solution is revolution.

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