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HEARTBREAKING Video Emerges of Migrant Boy Abandoned at Border

It’s rather fascinating how the parties have done an about-face on the migrant kids issue right on cue. It’s almost like all of this is completely scripted.

A viral video has been released of a 10-year-old migrant boy approaching an off-duty Border Patrol agent asking for help. Will this heartbreaking video have any effect on the Biden administration? The Biden Homeland Security is reportedly considering restarting the border wall construction again. Will Biden receive the same criticism former President Trump did? Arkansas has become the first state to ban transgender surgeries for minors, but the Senate had to overturn the governor’s veto to do so. United Airlines says it wants 50% of its pilots to be women or people of color. Is that really the airlines’ top qualification to be a pilot? California announced its plans to fully open by June 15. Is this just Gov. Newsom’s attempt to not get recalled? And lastly, “60 Minutes” defends its deceptive edits of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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