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Mobile Homelessness Is the Highest It Has Ever Been

By Cynthia Griffith, Invisible People

On the Heels of the Pandemic, the Growing Population of Unsheltered People Are Forced to Live in Their Vehicles

A friend of mine who works in the criminal justice system once said to me in confidence, “I know incarceration is a scam because the same number of inmates go out and come in each month. The job isn’t to keep crime down. It’s to keep the prisons full.”

Ever since he pointed this out to me, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for systems where numbers mirror each other, knowing there is probably something afoot when the same number of people that go out then come in. Recently, I observed this trend of identical numbers happening in regards to homelessness and eviction. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Approximately 10 million US workers are unemployed as a result of the international shutdowns.
  • Approximately 10 million people are behind on their rental payments as well.

So, what gives? Eviction moratoriums and government funding are fading. Many believe the most recent rescue package will likely be the last. There’s talk of mass vaccination, opening schools, and rebuilding the economy that’s currently hanging by a thread. The world we knew a year and a half ago has been erased, replaced with a cautious, feeble reality.

It’s a new day. While many people used to get in their cars and head to work, they are now getting in their cars and turning in for the night.


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