American Decline

The Coming American Breakup, and Why It May Be the Right Thing

I suspect the breakup of the US will not be nearly as neat and tidy as that author hopes. This is not 1860. The divisions are not regional or even urban/rural. Instead, it’s going to be a matter of block by block, street by street, neighbor by neighbor, family by family, gang by gang, etc. The two major tribes, Reds and Blues, want to dominate every aspect of social and political life, not mere “autonomy.” And the two major tribes have large fractures within themselves and are increasingly becoming more divided within their own ranks. There is also the rural/suburban divide in addition to the rural/urban divide. Within the large cities, there is the lower proletariat and lumpen proletariat vs the bourgeoise and petite bourgeoisie. And there is the wider division between the post-bourgeoise proletariat and the new class/managerial elite. And when the regime loses the support of the military and the military fractures…

By Craig Shirley, CNS News

The United States is headed for a national breakup. Think of a nasty divorce. Or a person with a split personality disorder.

It may not be for ten, twenty, or possibly a hundred more years, but our country is in a vicious toxic relationship with itself. And like any toxic relationship, the only inevitable eventuality, the arc of the falling star, if you will, is that it will mercifully end with a breakup. Counseling won’t help.


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