The Case for Optimism: Things Are Moving in Our Direction

I have literally been following US politics since I used to come home from elementary school and watch the Watergate hearings on television, and I have never been happier with the US political situation than I am now. Consider the following trends:

  1. The US empire is slowly retreating internationally and losing legitimacy due to mismanagement, incompetence, overreach, and pissing off virtually every other country in the process. US troop deployments overseas are at a 100-year low. Of course, troop deployments are only one measure of imperialism. There is also counterintelligence/counterinsurgency operations, maintenance of client states, proxy armies, mercenaries, “dollar diplomacy,” coups, drone wars, weaponizing international finance and trade, etc. But the evidence shows the empire is slowly cracking.
  2. The domestic regime is fragmenting and losing legitimacy.
  3. We have experienced a wave of insurrections by the lumpenproletarian class over the last year, and from a range of cultural and political directions.
  4. Pan-secessionist actions have taken place (wildcat strikes, 2nd Amendment counties, sanctuary cities,  drug law nullification, etc.)

All of these processes have accelerated significantly during the past few years. Increasingly, I am also noticing that an increasing number of liberals and leftists are becoming aware of the dangers of authoritarian leftism, and aware that IdPol is a scam used by capital to distract from socioeconomic issues, that much of “progressivism” is a professional class rather than working-class movement and with increased calls for left/right crossover movements. Even some veterans of the left-anarchist milieu have awakened to some of these questions. And the Alexander Reid-Ross sector of the anarcho-left has been exposed as the astroturf that it is. Things are looking up.

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