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Can Biden’s Pax Americana Vision Succeed?

Unlikely. Stable empires don’t have dementia patients as heads of state. It looks like the US is actually trying to outsource containment of China to a Western Pacific-South Asian alliance like the Syrian war was outsourced to Turkey and the Middle Eastern wars have been partially outsourced to the recently formed Sunni-Israeli alliance.

By Hu Junyang and Dingding Chen, The Diplomat

Every administration in the United States, sooner or later, has to cope with Asia, or China within Asia. There’s no exception for Joe Biden, alongside his all-star team in foreign policy and national security. Beginning with Biden’s personnel appointments – which included new positions like the Indo-Pacific coordinator and multiple China directors at the National Security Council – the signal that Washington will further prioritize U.S. Asia affairs is getting stronger and less ambiguous.

Two Cabinet officials – Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin – are scheduled to visit Japan and South Korea later this week, in the first high-level official trip of the Biden administration. Austin will then head to India, which New Delhi views as a positive step toward the Quad enhancement. The visit assumes great significance in the wake of deepening military ties to counter China’s growing power, and ultimately, to restore the U.S. leadership throughout the region.


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