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Law Enforcement Will ‘Hide Behind’ Them Every Time

Peter R. Quinones

When the news broke that a law enforcement officer (school resource officer) refused to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida to engage school shooter Nikolas Cruz, many in the public demanded the law enforcement officer lose his job. It’s been over three years and Officer Scot Peterson, who faces 11 charges including child neglect and endangerment, still has not been inside a courtroom to face these charges.

In my opinion, if this were not such a hyper-political case, he never would’ve been charged. Why you ask? Because of legal precedent.

Warren v. District of Columbia (1981) 

Warren v D.C. is probably the most cited case when it comes to the fact that police aren’t mandated to protect the individual.

The details of the case are terrifying:


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