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Buttigieg FORCED To Backtrack GAS TAX As Biden Infrastructure Comes Together

Whenever politicians talk about “infrastructure,” think “corporate welfare.” It’s a shame that FDR idolators Krystal and Saager can’t see through this. Although their criticism of the “gas tax” is on the mark.

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss the latest updates in that Biden infrastructure bill.

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  1. “Whenever politicians talk about “infrastructure,” think “corporate welfare.” ”

    “Infrastructure” also means “union worker pandering”. You know, Davis-Bacon Act, which effectively requires all Federally-funded projects to pay what amounts to union wage rates. MAYBE that made sense 85 years ago, during the Great Depression, but not today.

  2. The government and their overlords will ALWAYS choose the nice words of their era to get support. “Science” to get drug money, “Environment” to increase taxes, “Equality” for more departments, “Neutrality” for propaganda, “Democracy” for bombing brown kids. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t work!

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