The world is made up of stories, not atoms

By Uri Gordon, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

An interesting back issue from 2004.

This issue of  Perspectives goes to press to the relentless sounds of empire encroaching. It is the sound of USfighter planes bombing cities across occupied Iraq, and the drone of the helicopters that shadow our borders to prevent people from crossing them. By the time you read this, the helicopters policing the skies of New York City will have dispersed, along with the hundreds of thousands who came to protest the Republican National Convention, but the deepening struggle between popular movements and the executives of empire and exploitation will persist. Those of us involved in the Institute for Anarchist Studies(IAS) understand our support for the development of anti-authoritarian visions as a modest but indispensable contribution to these movements, and I offer this account of our recent efforts in spirit of solidarity.

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