Economics/Class Relations

Individual Autonomy and Self-Determination

By Kevin Carson, Center for a Stateless Society

Wayne Price. “Kevin Carson’s Revival of Individualist Anarchist Economic Theory”, November 30, 2014.

Wayne Price’s overall summary of my approach in Studies in Mutualist Political Economy (also available online) is quite even-handed and fair (unlike some others, e.g. the critique of Markets Not Capitalism, ed. by Charles Johnson and Gary Chartier, by Crimethinc’s Magpie Killjoy — see William Gillis‘s rebuttal). He starts out with something of a compliment about my analysis of capitalism in the first two sections of the book:

Kevin Carson is attempting to resurrect anarchist economic theory. This is interesting because most current anarchist political economy is speculation about a post-capitalist, post-revolutionary, economy—what it would look like and how it might work. There is little or nothing of an analysis of how present-day capitalism functions. For that, most anarchists either rely on some variety of conventional (pro-capitalist) economics or they look to aspects of Marxism.

And he accepts — as opposed to grudgingly stipulating — the essentially non-capitalist nature of the market model I propose.


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