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Sign causes a stir in Fredonia

By Jo Ward, The Observer

A bad neighborhood. That’s what a few residents on Liberty Street in Fredonia are feeling about where they live as an individual at 140 Porter Road keeps posting political signs of questionable nature.

It is offensive and inappropriate for the school buses that drive by as well as a horrible representation of our village,” resident Melissa Leffel wrote to the Village Board and was shared at last week’s Board of Trustees meeting. “It seems to be over the size limit allowed by village ordinance. Additionally at the barns of 160 Porter Road there are large signs, these are less of a concern as they are further back from the road and inoffensive, but if I’m calling one house out I should be consistent. Coincidentally they are both owned by the same person.”

The sign, with a caricature of President Joe Biden, states: “Silver Alert! 78 yr old male wandering around DC area …” Another sign, which is the basis for the complaints, included derogatory language toward Democrats

“I’ve lived in this neighborhood 18 years and up until now have always enjoyed the company of kind, pleasant and caring neighbors,” Shannon McRae, another Liberty Street resident wrote. “When I moved here I felt as if I found a real community. We’re good neighbors and we have good neighbors.”

The letter further cited the address, calling the signs “extremely rude and overly large.”


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