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Pollard: Jews ‘will always have dual loyalty’ & should consider spying for Israel

“Sheldon Adelson, the late owner of Israel Hayom, provided a private plane for Pollard to fly to Israel.”
Sheldon Adelson, the late owner of the Republican Party.
The Israelis have their hands in the full spectrum of US politics from the Alexander Reid-Ross Left to the Trumpist Right, with tankies, antiwar activists,  and the alt-right being the three major exceptions, and which has a lot to do with why those three are often linked together as an alleged “Red-Brown Alliance.”

By Ron Kampeas, Jerusalem Post

Jonathan Pollard, the convicted spy for Israel whose story haunted the American Jewish community’s relations with the US government for decades, is unrepentant.

“The bottom line on this charge of dual loyalty is, I’m sorry, we’re Jews, and if we’re Jews, we will always have dual loyalty,” Pollard said in an interview published Thursday in Israel Hayom, his first extensive remarks since his release from prison in 2015.

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  1. Everyone knows it; only Ferengi like Pollard are allowed to say it. The refuge state was always merely their criminal world terror headquarters. Now we have the problem of “Israel” as well as the institutional/academic power of a more or less openly anti-white outlook expressed in such things as whiteness studies. Even if we expelled them via spaceships they will be back like Ferengis with space gold and bribe their way back in and cause the same old problems. Our memories are short and our outlook innocent, while they hold grudges and atavistic hatred for millennia. We need special anti-Ferengi Constitutions to safeguard the future from the people of the lie.

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