Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Forget the Sinophobia

My view on China is simply that they’re just another province in global capitalism that largely functions as an economic colony for the hegemonic powers. China’s role in the global economy is to provide cheap labor for Western corporations and cheap loans to Western governments. Its “social credit system” is likely a test market for what the global power elite wants to bring to the West. China only has one military base outside of the mainland (in Djibouti in East Africa) and something of a neo-mercantilist relationship with a number of African states. But that’s about as extensive as Chinese “imperialism” gets. China is an internally authoritarian country but so are most states.  I generally have a favorable view of anti-Chinese resistance movements in Tibet, Mongolia, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, etc. But the way the China hawks like Steve Bannon use China as a whipping boy is ridiculous. It’s about as serious as when the Trump administration was attacking California over the sanctuary cities. I’d say more or less the same things in opposition to the Russophobic neocon/liberal internationalist wing of the ruling class as I would about the Sinophobic neo-realist/economic nationalist wing.…/forget-the-russophobia…/

May be an image of text that says '"...with Chinese characteristics" Dengists= Revisionist Such billionaires Left Suicide Nets China manipulates ts currency much censorship "TikTok is spying pn you" China Virus "ChineseInfluence" seExpansior #BoycottMulan muh intellectual 5G property "mishandled COVID" "China is weak" China communist #UyghurGenocide muh South China Sea "They want us addicted to fentanyl" #FreeTibet Muh wet markets Libertarian Libertarian slave laborLeft #FreeHongKong Right muh dog "Social credit score" Chinese meat festival imperialism tho "who else will make cheap stuff?" "China is invading the US"'

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