Left and Right

The Right Gets It Wrong – Every Time

By Peter R. Quinones

Go on, complain about rising gas prices. Whine about inflation. Jump up and down about transgender bullshit. Even if you believe Biden is calling the shots, so many people miss the point when it comes to the important issues.

If you’re a normie, at this moment in time, you believe Biden is in charge. Most of those who are making jokes about him falling “up” steps or shitting his pants, generally believe he’s calling the shots. How do I know this? Because he’s the one you’re complaining about. None of your complaints are pointed at the corporate academic or journalist class who come up with the policies. No, you point at Biden. But you are always so far off target with your criticism.

Wouldn’t a better plan of attack on Biden involve foreign policy? If Trump was too much of a hot head to command the “nuclear football,” why wouldn’t you be complaining about an incontinent, proven warmonger having control over it? And what about the wars that are ongoing? Is he mentally competent to handle them? Or are you defaulting to trusting the experts at the Pentagon? You know, the un-elected bureaucrats who run things for every president? The ones you like to call the “Deep State.”


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