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Yemen war: Generation of children grows up knowing only conflict

Middle East Eye

The sounds of shelling in the city of Taiz leaves countless Yemenis – children, women and men alike – on edge, but little will stop Hassan from playing in the yard of his home.

At six years old, Hassan was born shortly after the beginning of the Saudi-led military offensive in Yemen against Houthi rebels. Since March 2015, fighting has been a constant in his hometown Taiz, and a persistent backdrop to this young boy’s life.

“Shelling doesn’t terrify me. They are far away on the front and not here,” he told Middle East Eye.

His father, Ahmed al-Rabouei, said he sees a difference between Hassan and his older siblings.

“I have five children, three of them are older than Hassan, but the sounds of shelling and air strikes terrify them. When they hear bombing, they go to me or their mother,” he said.


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