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The Ford Foundation is Funding CCP Propaganda

Many on the right trend toward Sinophobia in a way that resembles the  Russophobia on the left. But this is fairly interesting. It is somewhat reminiscent of David Rockefeller’s dream of an uber-capital/Maoist hybrid. See this old New York Times article from 1973.

By James Lynch, The American Conservative

During the summer of 2020, the Ford Foundation received significant scrutiny for the large grants it gave the Black Lives Matter activists rioting and looting in cities across America. That violence cost American municipalities and business owners more than $1 billion in property damage, and questions still remain about where the money given by the Ford Foundation and other philanthropic groups to BLM has actually gone.

The cultural revolutionaries in our streets and institutions are not the only ideological force without transparency that Ford has associated itself with and poured money into. In September of last year, The American Conservative shone a spotlight on the Ford Foundation’s deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Since 1979, the massive foundation has been one of the only foreign charities allowed in China, and that previous TAC feature demonstrated how Ford is actively assisting the Chinese government in exporting their communist values elsewhere.


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