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No, America Still Shouldn’t Intervene on Behalf of the Syrian Rebels

The objective of US foreign policy is to eliminate Syria as a nation that rejects the Washington Consensus, and opposes Israeli and Saudi expansionism.

By Matt Purple, The American Conservative

Last week marked one year since the coronavirus was declared a national emergency here in America. Yet there was another grisly milestone that came and went mostly unnoticed: the 10-year anniversary of the Syrian Civil War. The conflict between Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the Syrian rebellion has been one of the bloodiest of the 21st century, killing up to half a million people while devastating major population centers like Homs and Aleppo. And even though Assad has for all intents and purposes won, fighting continues throughout pockets of the country where rebels have managed to maintain a presence.

These holdouts have given hope to hawks like Josh Rogin, a foreign policy columnist at the Washington Post. Rogin last week took stock of the wreckage in Syria and decided that what’s really needed is for the United States to start undermining Assad again. “The Syrian revolution is not over,” he declared. And “the first priority of the Biden administration” should be to bolster it through a series of interventions.


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