Sexuality and the State

Commentary: Whorephobia and the Myth of Sex Addiction

By Cathy Reisenwitz, AVN

Whorephobia is Real. Sex Addiction is Not.

On March 16, Robert Aaron Long went on a deadly rampage at three metro Atlanta erotic Asian massage parlors. The myth of sex addiction and racist hysteria around sex trafficking hysteria have a body count.

By perpetuating the myth of sex addiction and conflating sex work with sex trafficking the anti porn and sex worker movement has convinced men that they’re not responsible for their behavior and that sex workers, particularly sex workers of color, aren’t deserving of basic human dignity.

Local news is reporting Long said he was targeting Asian sex workers in particular. Authorities are claiming Long targeted massage parlors he had previously patronized because he blames sex workers for providing an outlet for his sex addiction.

“He saw these locations as something that he sees as a temptation he wanted to eliminate,” Cherokee County Police Captain Jay Baker reportedly said.

Where did Long get the idea that he was addicted to sex or that sex workers represented a temptation he had to “eliminate?”


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