The remarkable rise of the Czech Pirate party

By William Nattrass, The Spectator

A new party is riding high in the Czech Republic, with the wind of change in its sails. Polls now suggest that the Czech Pirate Party, in coalition with a collection of mayors and independents, could win the largest share of the vote in the Czech Republic’s October elections.

It’s a remarkable turnaround for a party that at first sounds like the Czech answer to the monster raving loony party. But the Pirate Party has become a force to be reckoned with in Czech politics.

Formed in 2009 as one of many Pirate Parties around the world who came to international prominence following a police raid on the download site The Pirate Bay, the Czech Pirate Party was for a long time seen as a fringe movement. Its original aims were to reform copyright law and legalise marijuana, which are hardly the main concerns of swing voters.


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