Fourth Generation Warfare

Rioters Set Fire to Federal Courthouse in Portland One Day after Fencing Removed

A job well done. It seems the prevailing trend is that leftists attack state outposts at the local level, while rightists attack the state directly in the capitol. Fair enough. Unfortunately, too many “conservatives” and even some “libertarians” are taking a position that defends state institutions when they are attacked by the Left, and many liberals and leftists defend state institutions when they are attacked by rightists. The majority of the Portland rioters and the majority of the Capitol rioters are probably people with whom I would have serious political disagreements and certainly would not want to run the government. At the same time, let’s imagine some hypothetical scenario where the Gambinos carry out a mob hit on state institutions in retaliation for, say, the enforcement of the RICO statute. Is that something the rest of us need to care about or get upset about?

By Zachary Evans, Yahoo News

Rioters targeted the federal courthouse in Portland, Ore., on Thursday evening in renewed clashes between demonstrators and federal police.

The attack on the courthouse came one day after authorities removed fencing initially erected over the summer, in response to continued riots following the death of George Floyd, an African American man killed during his arrest by Minneapolis police officers.

Footage showed the rioters attempting to force their way into the courthouse while chanting “f*** the United States!” Later in the evening rioters set a fire outside the courthouse entrance.


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