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Non-Existent American Socialism

Genuine Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, and other forms of historic authoritarian leftism have practically zero representation in US politics, even on the far fringes.  I think this meme is correct that most of the M-L groups in the US are functional social democrats which puts them in the center-left. For instance, most “tankies” that I know actually support gay rights, trans rights, marijuana legalization, etc. Stuff that you never, never, would have found in historic Communist regimes. Even guys like Caleb Maupin, Jason Unruhe, and Jon Zherka are social liberals. The authoritarian danger that is posed by “political correctness” is rooted in neoliberal capitalism, not socialism or communism. I do think there are some forms of “wokeness” that given state power would be genuinely dangerous on par with, say, Khomeinism, but I don’t know that they’re leftists as much as another form of authoritarian rightism. A good example is Ibram X. Kendi, who is funded by Jack Dorsey. Kendi argues the highest body of government should be a “department of anti-racism” which would be a non-elected body of government that has the authority to overrule decisions made by officials at any other level of government (like Iran’s Council of the Guardians). And he received a $10 million donation from Twitter. So is Kendi a leftist anti-racist, or he is really a right-wing racist whose ideas more closely resemble fascism or traditional theocracy? And if he’s being funded by uber-capitalists like Dorsey, he’s hardly a serious socialist.

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