More Anarchist Unity Than What Appears?

A friend writes:

The good news is (according to my online polls and meatspace experience) most ancaps are not sectarian, and the majority of ansocs are not sectarian. Sectarians are easy to spot. They say things like, “the other guy’s system requires a State.” Most anarchists agree e.g. with the statement, “In a stateless society, ansoc and ancap enclaves would very likely peacefully coexist.” This may be surprising to you, since online the sectarians are louder and post more, so one might think that there are more of them than tolerant panarchists.

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  1. I definitely would not agree that a person saying:

    “the other guy’s system requires a State.”

    Makes the person saying it a “sectarian”.

    There are indeed people who call themselves “anarchists” who actually advocate for a government, whether they admit it or not. They may advocate for a system which cannot work without a government.

    Too many people think that being opposed to the CURRENT government is enough to call yourself an “anarchist”.

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