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  1. I’m confused that he conceded the point to Vaush that Tulsi was wrong in arguing against having “trans” biological men in training bras compete with biological women. Does objective reality not exist for any of these goofy commie midwits?

  2. All these retarded commies use the big H as their goto argument. Don’t like your opponent, talk about the lolocaust, then the other retard says, ‘Noooo I don’t like the Naziiis either waah’… final redpill folks, it didn’t happen and Hitler was the good guy of WWII. Patton said that they fought for the wrong side. The Tankie is nothing but a red painted liberal as well, to be dumb enough to believe in that psyop. These clowns are both on the wrong side of history.

  3. I’m not very happy fucking foreigners are coming to my country talking about fixing it. You want to fix it you Jewish fucks? Leave! All shitskins leave! Get the fuck out of my country! I can’t wait for the civil war, you brown mother fuckers are getting rounded up.

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