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The Antifa-NATO Axis?

It looks like the battles between the anti-imperialist (or at least anti-Western imperialist) tankieish left and the totalitarian humanist left are heating up, along with the battles between the class reductionist and intersectional sectors of the left, the scientistic and conspiracist sectors, the anti-Zionist and anti-anti-Semitic sectors, the TDSers and populists, and the antifascists and “Red-Brown alliancers.” I don’t personally have a horse in any of these races.  But I am for as much fragmentation as possible, not only between the Left, Right, and Center, but also within the Left, Right, and Center. The fracturing of the USA into a thousand warring tribes without any group being able to obtain hegemony is probably our best hope for overthrowing the present regime without erecting a new tyranny in the process.

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